Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Idea...

   If you're anything like me you listen to nearly 5 hours of podcasts a day at work. No? I'm the only one? Well then, good thing I'm here! A lot of my work is desk work. Fax this, schedule that, make sure the billing is correct for that insurance company, etc... In other words, I do a lot of mind numbing activities that don't stimulate me very much. That's where podcasts come in. I mean, I don't listen all day because there is a good amount of time I am talking with clients or co-workers but a good 4-6 hours of my time is desk jockey stuff.
   With all this time poured into podcasts I've started to look back at the end of my week and see which ones really nailed it. Which ones struck an emotional cord or hit all the right buttons to really get me thinking. A lot of them have me telling my co-workers's ear's off because they're all I can think about. These are the types of podcasts worth sharing.
   This is where the idea for this little blog comes from. Don't expect me to try and make you laugh, don't come on here looking for some grand analysis of Duncan Trussell's most recent spiritual rant or a hate filled post about how that one episode of StarTalk with a Christian Scientist was just so infuriating. No. What I plan to do is give an overview of some of the better podcasts from my roster with some highlights of the best moments and maybe a few other honorable mentions for those of you with extra time in your week.
   My goal in all of this is to give those who don't have as much free time as me the ability to see at a glance which podcasts I thought were exceptional. That's all. I toyed around with the idea of having the "worst podcast of the week" as part of my regular posts but I can't do that to such hard working people. Sometimes podcasts wont resonate with you. That's how it is and I'm not going to punish any of them for not hitting a home run every week.
   The other part of this blog is to (hopefully) bring other podcast listeners in to hear some outside commentary! I'd love to know what you people out there in the interwebs are listening to! Heck, I'd also be looking for anyone willing to contribute to the blog. You can build your own roster of regular podcasts and set up a rotation of postings every week. That way we can have different points of view and a whole new list of podcasts to pick from! My goal is to have a post every Thursday or Friday. Haven't picked yet. If you're interested get in contact with me!

   I think that's enough for my first post. Got the idea of what I've got going on? I sure hope so... I'll be posting my first recommendations soon so check back soon!