Friday, October 16, 2015

Best of October 2015 Part 1 - ReplyAll #42 Blind Spot

   It was another good week in the podisphere. I was worried during the first 7 days. Could I really have a week where there was no podcast that would rise above the rest? I mean, nothing was particularly bad but... at the same time I couldn't honestly recommend any of them. If I can't imagine myself telling anyone in person I can't bring it here so what would I do then?
   Then BAM Radiolab drops a damn entertaining audio. Then a couple days past... And again, BAM ReplyAll comes in snakes the win right out of Jad's hands. Sorry boys over at WNYC, Gimlet takes the win for October.

   Okay, yes. I will admit I have a skewed perspective on a certain aspect of this story. I wont say which because the narrative of the story is much better without knowing.
   It follows the story of Hope. A photographer who has strange migraines that pretty much disable her in the worst of ways and has absolutely zero luck finding out what is happening to her. Doctor after doctor passes it off as nothing while she gets worse and worse. She creates a journal tracking her symptoms and lengths of time in pain/blind only to have it dismissed.
   This story is very well done so I wont spoil anything. But! I will say there is more to this story that I'm not going to go into because they've hinted at having a second part to this podisode. I'm not sure if they're going in the direction I'm thinking but I don't want to jump on them before then.

   Another amazing podisode from Radiolab! In this one the WNYC team goes behind the origins of the phrase "Smile! You're on candid camera!" At this point the newest generations may or may not have ever heard it but I know I did. The 90's were the last time I last heard it used in a hidden camera show and ever since then it's been referenced every once in a while in TV and movies. After you listen to Gimlet's newest release from ReplyAll make sure to go snag this one.


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